What if the Lymphatic System Fails?



If the Lymphatic System Fails

Up to now, the Lymphatic System (LS) has been so neglected that if anybody had a “lymphatic attack” – rather than a heart attack – nobody would really care. It seems that the diseases of the LS are almost invisible to everybody. Health professionals are not familiar with this system and unjustly they end up ignoring it. So, if the Lymphatic System fails most of us are left on our own.


What You Cannot See, IS THERE!

Sadly, in the medical schools, the time spent studying the LS is minimal. A few hours or maybe a day. Anyway, when students dissect cadavers they cannot fully see this system. The lymph is a transparent liquid. Some of its vessel are very tiny and when people die these lymph vessels already have collapsed. “So, what we cannot see, it’s not there” approach is understandable. Though, not really helpful if the Lymphatic System fails.

Happily, with the arrival of “MRIs” the lymph starts to reveal its secrets to researchers. Recent discoveries about lymphatic features and functions are simply astounding. The Lymphatic System is 2 to 3 times bigger in volume and number of vessels when compared to the blood stream. Surprising!

It’s the system that cleanses, nourishes and defends at a cellular level all other bodily systems. It’s so vital to the body that its condition determines the health of the other systems in the body. Today the mighty LS is considered one of the most important systems of the body. So, because of its mighty importance the lymph system should not fail. But, unfortunately, it does sometimes.

If the Lymphatic System Fails

Lymphedema and auto-immune conditions are diseases caused by failure or malfunction of the Lymphatic System.

Lymphedema is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the tissues. Lymphedema causes swelling, chronic inflammation, fibrotic tissues, calcification and, potentially, cancer. Lymphedema is either caused by damage in the LS or it can be inherited due a malformation of the Lymphatic System. Today, it’s considered an incurable disease.

Auto-immune diseases result when the immune system can no longer distinguish anymore invaders such as bacteria and virus from healthy body tissue. So, it mistakenly attacks both including healthy body tissue. It overreacts and impairs or destroys tissues. Fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, lupus, celiac, scleroderma, and multiple sclerosis are some examples. The cause of auto-immune diseases is unknown to science today.

The good news is if the lymph fails there are remedies and possible solutions available. These are mostly unknown to the public and it’s my privilege to share this info in the next blogs. Stay tuned for more about lymphedema, auto-immune disorders and Lymphatic Yoga in my following Blogs.

Light and love to all!