Can Air Travel Damage Your Lymph Flow?

Are your ankles swollen when air traveling?

Air Travel and Lymph Flow

Air Travel and Lymph Flow

Summer is almost here! A joyful time for the entire family! Now vacation time is being sought, thought and selected by almost everybody. Well,  in case air travel is in your plans, be aware of your lymph flow.

Summer, vacation, and air travel can be a lethal combination for your Lymphatic System. An indicator of the problem is if your ankles or calves swell after your air travel.

As the ankles swell, the lymph fluid, rather than returning to the heart is accumulating in the lower legs, feet and ankles. So, the lymph flow becomes sluggish. Sluggish lymph becomes stagnant. Its protein content hardens, tissues are not well nourished, and toxins are retained in the tissues.

When the lymph has problems flowing, it will gradually affect all the other systems of the body. Regular air travel magnifies this problem because of the accumulative factor. Over time, you may have liver, kidney, and/or stomach problems without knowing that the original source of the problem is simply sluggish lymph!

For example: a highway is blocked by a car wreck and nobody cleaned up the vehicles to reestablish the normal traffic flow in the area. The results of this wreck will slowly and surely show up at the other end of the road. No car will be able to move from as far out as 50 or 100 miles away. But at this far point from the wreck, nobody knows the origin of the problem. If those in charge try to divert the cars to other roads, it won’t work! The other roads will become clogged as well. When the real source is not addressed, the problem just increases exponentially.

The same is true with your Lymphatic System! If there is lymph stagnation, which is not properly addressed, gradually, other body areas will suffer, as well. New problems, far from the original lymph stagnation, will show up. Unfortunately these new problems appear unrelated to the original cause. And the problem just increases with weird and hard to detect diseases.

The longer the air travel, the bigger the risk for the lymph fluid to become stagnant.

In my next post, I”ll be talking about the reasons air travel affects your Lymphatic System and what to do about it. See you then!!!

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The Lymphatic System -The Cinderella System of the Body II

Lymphatic System and Lymphatic Yoga

Lymphatic System and Lymphatic Yoga

The Lymphatic System and Yoga

WOW! It seems that the ancient sages of Yoga already knew about the most recent research related to the Lymphatic System. Intentional Lymphatic Drainage can also be done through bodily motion and deep breathing— since the lymph is pumped by both.

Yes! Yoga poses along with breathing techniques, carefully chosen, sequenced and targeting the different clusters of the lymphatic nodes and vessels, can drain, activate and renew the lymph fluid. This Intentional Lymphatic Drainage speeds the flow of lymph not only preventing catastrophic conditions in the body but regenerating the tissues. It  also boosts the immune system, it  improves nutritional absorption and optimizes conditions of all tissues, organs and functions.

This system is the miracle system of the  body when flowing properly! This humble and quiet Cinderella System of the body can be the answer to our body’s need for renewal and improved health. In addition, as a byproduct of lymph drainage, a relaxed state and  a feel-good sensation naturally result since the lymph is directly related to the parasympathetic nervous system.

Besides Lymphatic Yoga practice, we can help our lymph flow by drinking a glass of purified or filtered water first thing in the morning, avoiding restrictive clothing that compress the lymphatic nodes, examining our diet, and avoiding processed foods.

The Lymphatic System greatly impacts our state of health, and the results of a neglected Lymphatic System can be serious and even life-threatening. Renowned American researcher Cecil Drinker says, “The lymphatic system is the most important vital system of men and animals.” As with Cinderella, current research (the fairy god-mother of the lymphatic system) is finally raising its status to its deserving place.

Lymphatic System – How important is it? Part I

Lymphatic system diagram

Lymphatic System diagram

Decades ago Harvard Medical School researcher, Cecil Drinker, prophesied that “the Lymphatic System is the most important vital system of men and animals“.

But, probably, because nobody dies of a “lymphatic attack” the humble Lymphatic System has gone unnoticed until now.

Lymphatic System – The Aquarium System of The Body

We all know that the body is mainly water – about 70-75%. Blood is about 20% of this bodily water. Very few people know that there is another system in the body that holds at least twice as much water as the bloodstream.

The Lymphatic fluid is in charge of cell renewal, tissue repair and cell nutrition. It’s the body’s fundamental water. It bathes the cells, tissues and organs of the body, cleansing, nourishing  and defending them.  It’s part of the immune system. It’s the transport and drainage system of the body.

We all are like a living aquarium. If the body’s water is not consistently cleaned, purified, and oxygenated, an accumulation of debris is inevitable and will render the water environment stagnant and toxic to the cells.  So, the body’s water becomes poisonous to the cells – the “little fishes” in our living aquarium.

In agony these “little fishes” desperately attempt to make sure we know of their difficulties. They try to get our attention by making our lives harder. Inevitably, we feel discomfort and pain, followed by insomnia and diseases. They are helpless! The body’s cells, tissues, organs and functions begin to deteriorate in a very slow and steady progression.

So, the condition of the Lymphatic System can be considered the mirror of our health. No need to despair! It is very simple and easy to clean the water in the body-aquarium.  How?We’ll be discussing that in future posts.

To be continued…

Greetings and Introduction to Lymphatic Yoga

Edely Wallace / Lymphatic Yoga Expert

Edely Wallace / Lymphatic Yoga Expert

Greetings everybody! Welcome to my blog about Lymphatic Yoga!

Whether you are a novice or seasoned yoga practitioner this blog is for you. Here you will learn how Lymphatic Yoga practice can extraordinarily assist you to rejuvenate, restore and revitalize both your body and your mind.

Probably, you already know that there are many types of Yoga. Some people go to Hot Yoga to sweat away their toxins. Others go to Power Yoga because they want to build muscles. Some of you prefer Kundalini for its focus on certain breathing patterns, and others prefer a more calm and meditative practice.

There are many types of this timeless practice. They all have a specialty about them that is beneficial.

Lymphatic Yoga is not another type of Yoga. Lymphatic Yoga is effective and real. It has sensational or even miraculous effects for everyone. Though it’s not a “commercial” type, it has the full benefits of “commercial” types of Yoga.

Lymphatic Yoga has the benefit of warmth (without outside high temperature), so your body perspires. It has the benefit of building muscle mass. It has the power of making you look younger than your chronological age. It is a weapon for beauty without surgery. It dissolves fat without pressure. It clears negative thoughts and brings you to a deeper state of balance. It also naturally leads to a meditative and joyful states of mind.

After over 25 years teaching Yoga nationally and internationally, I consider Lymphatic Yoga to be the most important form of Yoga you can ever learn and practice. Lymphatic Yoga brings together all the pieces of what Yoga really is in a harmonious unifying method.

It’s my great honor to share this information with all of you. This information is available here:

  •  after I took many specialized courses in different parts of the world,
  •  after successfully rebuilding my body in the aftermath of an accident,
  •  after deeply studying and piecing together the puzzle of what Yoga has become today.

I welcome your questions and comments, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you! BTW I’ll be writing to you every Monday and Wednesday :)

Much love, peace and joy to all,